“The Scar”, One of the Most Important Thai Films in History, Will Return to the Screen

The star-crossed lovers coo. They ride their buffaloes through a verdant field, splash mud, evade spiteful parents, and make a vow at the shrine of the banyan tree. But their romance, like all memorable romances in books and life, is doomed by the circumstances of fate, tragic and scarred, and their destiny is one of the most heartbreaking in the canon of Siamese literature and film.

Plae Kao (The Scar), adapted from Mai Muengderm’s novel, is a 1977 film that remains a beloved classic. Directed by the late Cherd Songsri, the 4K restored version of the 41-year-old film will make a much-expected return tomorrow at Scala in a special premiere, the old 35mm film polished to a new digital splendour. We can look forward to a full house (though tickets are still available as of this week). The film will later be released in a regular programme — a rare re-release of a vintage film — in October. Read More via BangkokPost.